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Sunday,  November 27

We will start the morning with a Group Breakfast at 8:30 AM at EggSmart, 280 North Service Road West (Dorval and North Service Rd) and then we will join the congregation at  Knox Presbyterian Church, 89 Dunn St.  for worship at 10:00 AM.  A group reservation has been made at EggSmart.

The link to the website for Knox Presbyterian Church  is:  Knox Presbyterian Church – Developing Empowered and Loving Disciples of Christ (knoxoakville.com)

The group breakfast is an opportunity for members to gather informally before proceeding as a group to worship with Knox Presbyterian Church.  You can, of course, proceed directly Knox Presbyterian Church.  There will be no worship service in our church building.

As Pastor has said, all Christians have baptism in common.  We will be worshipping with Christians at other churches who share the same baptism as we have.  The sole purpose is to provide an opportunity to worship as part of a larger group while Pastor is on vacation.

Sunday, December 4

We will have breakfast and worship together from 10:00 to 11:30 AM at Grace.

Saturday, December 10

The cookie bake and tree raising will start at 3:00 PM through to 7:00 PM.  Pizza will be provided.  Everyone is welcome.  This year there will be an opportunity to pre-order cookies so that we will know how many to make.

Sunday, December 11

We will decorate the Christmas tree after worship.

Saturday, December 24
5:00 PM – candlelight worship

Sunday, December 25
We will not be worshipping in-person in our church building and encourage you to have a private devotion or say a Christmas themed grace at your Christmas dinner table.