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Grace Lutheran Church Oakville

Our Story

The early 1950s heralded not just a baby boom, but a boom in churches.

A local newspaper, The Oakville Record Star, said in its December 29, 1955 edition “The people of Oakville flocked to church in 1955.  Everywhere, irrespective of denomination, the story is the same.  Crowded churches. Growing congregations. Rising Sunday School attendance. New church building, or in the prospect, and additions to existing ones.  ‘Staggered services’ each Sunday morning in some cases because the numbers coming to church are too great to be accommodated at a single service.”

It was in this context that the organization work to create what we now call Grace was started in 1952 and finalized with the formalization of Grace as a Lutheran church in 1953.

In the blogs to follow, you will learn some of the actions which lead to the creation of Grace.

Since the creation of Grace, much has happened:

Did you know that Grace was involved in the creation of a halfway house?

Did you know that members of Grace entered seminary?

Did you know that braille books were produced at Grace?

Did you know that a member of Grace served in mission in Madagascar?

These, among other stories, will be told in the blogs over this year.

These are fascinating stories of a church in action and dedication of members.  A church is people and in 2023 we will honour those who have come before and look forward to a future continuing to help people in the  21st century to see the presence and relevance of God in their lives.

Grace, like all churches, is a combination of sacred, secular, and social.

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God calls us to serve. We each respond to that call in different ways. Several members of Grace pursued religious studies or became pastors.

Helping the blind to “see”

Helping the blind to “see”

The Bible tells of Jesus healing people who are blind. While Grace cannot do that, for many years, members of Grace worked to produce Braille books for the blind.

Grace House

Grace House

Did you know that the first group home for adults in Oakville was organized by Grace? 

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