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Food drive

For many years Grace Lutheran has conducted food drives for Kerr Street Ministries, usually around Thanksgiving.

Socks and underwear

Safetynet Children and Youth Charities was founded in Oakville by Bill Shields in 2007. Grace became involved during our Reformation Challenge in 2017.

Congregational Study and Reflection

Led by Pastor Rick on Wednesday evenings from 6:30 pm a discussion group has been meeting to talk over issues arising out of two publications by Kelly Fryer with titles Reclaiming the “L” Word, and Reclaiming the “C” Word.

Support for older members

Some of Grace’s members are becoming older and we have begun thinking about what we should do to support those who have supported Grace for so many years.

Discovering what is happening in Oakville

Your President attended several meetings at Town Hall to learn about plans for the hospital lands development and the growth area that is being planned around the Oakville Go station.


You can’t be a Christian alone. Young Christians from across Canada gathered in Thunder Bay for an experience called “threads”.

Wednesday dinner and prayer

What started as a summer program has been such a success that our mid-week “summer” supper social has become a regular program.

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