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Blue Christmas Service

Grace Lutheran Church special holiday service designed for those for whom the holidays might be difficult. Undergoing a difficult loss, transition, or life change? Join us for a special time of music and worship.

Wednesday Supper with Evening Prayer

Do you have a Favourite Recipe? Do you Enjoy Cooking for Others? The Supper Team is inviting you to share your cooking talents at our Wednesday Supper & Evening Prayer.

Helping my ageing parents

I am an only child, and I need to share my journey of ageing parents. I write this candidly, thus I trust the reader will respect the dignity of my parents as I have.

Stewardship 2018

As a pastor, I have really come to appreciate the deep theological significance of the simple banner: God’s Covenant – Our Response.

Kerr Street Mission Dinners

Grace Lutheran has been involved in sponsoring Monday Night Family Dinners at Kerr Street since 2015. These dinners are attended by people in the community who are facing struggles financially or socially, and are looking for a warm meal and sense of community....

Liberated by God’s Grace

“Liberated by God’s Grace…to be neighbour.”  That was the theme of our Eastern Synod Assembly that was held in Toronto from June 21st to June 24th.  Before I share with you what happened at this event, it might be helpful for me to explain what a synod is and what a...

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