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God calls us to serve.  We each respond to that call in different ways.

Several members of Grace pursued religious studies or became pastors.

Right from the beginning, certain members of Grace felt a calling.  Alfred Kramer was the first.  You will remember Alfred from an earlier blog; he was one of the two members on the provisional church council that worked to establish Grace.  He entered the Evangelical Lutheran Seminary in Waterloo and graduated in 1956.  Rev Alfred Kramer went on to serve a congregation in Ottawa.

A few years later, Robert Plume, who you will remember from an earlier blog was a leader in the Luther League at Grace.  He embarked on theological studies, beginning with a three year BA program at Waterloo College (associated with the University of Western Ontario) to be followed by another three year program at the Evangelical Lutheran Seminary in Waterloo.

Rev Oliver Repo served a congregation in Sault Ste. Marie.  Unfortunately, we do not know as much as we like about him and would be pleased if a reader has more information.

In 1996, Leann Oswald became a Volunteer in Mission for the Lutheran Church in Madagascar.  Leann is a teacher.  She taught English there for the 1996/97 school year to the students of the Lutheran Seminary, (see photo) to the wives of the students and to the high school students. She ran a daycare out of her garage, sewed altar cloths for the church and cleaned, sorted and organized the seminary library. She planted a vegetable garden and helped plant trees on the campus. She was asked to be the godmother to many, many children in the village of Bezaha. (see photo) Many of the costs needed to be provided by sponsors.  Leann’s support group at Grace was Jack Wright, Karl Pederson, Mary Jo McCallum, Phil Dodson, Brigitta and Dean Oswald.  (see photo)

Alfred, Robert, Oliver and Leann all took inspiration from their time at Grace and extended God’s love to people far from Oakville.

Leann baptism
Leann support group