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You can’t be a Christian alone. Young Christians from across Canada gathered in Thunder Bay for an experience called “threads”. The organizer, CLAY, has been bringing together Lutheran and Anglican Youth for many years.

Matthew and Jakob Eberley and Katherine Phoenix joined these hundreds of young people for this gathering on August 15-19 at Lakehead University. Dean lead this contingent from Grace, as he has for many years.

The theme of the gathering, “threads” is intriguing. CLAY describes it as follows “Stories are the diverse threads that God weaves together to form the tapestry of our lives. They can be ancient, personal, intimate, and can help us find meaning and purpose. We gather stories from each other and from our surroundings.

Join youth from across Canada at threads, where we will learn how to discern our God-given stories.”

The gathering focused on learning from others, but also provided several worship events. Fun is always a part of a youth event.

Thanks to Dean for leading Grace’s group.