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Led by Pastor Rick on Wednesday evenings from 6:30 pm a discussion group has been meeting to talk over issues arising out of two publications by Kelly Fryer with titles:

  • Reclaiming the “L” Word, and
  • Reclaiming the “C” Word.

Kelly Fryer aims to remind Lutherans of where we stand as Christians suggesting renewal from the core of the church.

Each week we read ahead a chapter then discuss highlights when we come together as well as reflect on the implications for our own congregation.

Currently we are at Chapter Four of the second publication, Reclaiming the “C” Word, -Daring to be Church again. Our group varies in size, but we maintain a strong interest, trying to be open and willing to accept ideas in looking forward for positive outcomes. Kelly Fryer challenges many traditions which have us scratching our heads where we find ourselves thinking quite differently.

Feel free to join the group any time you are able. Every member of Grace and others are most welcome to our meetings to rise to the challenges Kelly Fryer throws out to us.

We recognize our church, many churches, are struggling and to survive means gradually developing different strategies as a way of renewal. Pastor Rick encourages us to express our points of view and guides our conversations so that we stay on track. Of course he can inform us when questions arise.

Stay tuned!