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Listen and Participate in our Easter Worship Service

Please join us and click the following link for our worship service on April 4.

Easter Worship Service – as hosted by Grace Lutheran Church

Easter Sunday is the third day of the Triduum.  On this day, we celebrate Jesus Christ’s victory over death, as God raised him from the dead.  The pain, darkness, and sorrow that was experienced on Maundy Thursday and Good Friday has been taken away by God, because we know that death does not have the final word.  As God raised Jesus, from the dead, God will also give us new life.

As we see the signs of spring around us, both in the stores and in the outside world, let us look beyond the items.  May the bright colours remind you of the brightness of God’s presence.  As you crack open the shells of the Easter eggs, think about how Jesus broke out of the tomb.  As you taste the sweet chocolate bunnies and candies may it remind you of the sweet love of Jesus.  When you see growing flowers and greening grass and plants, remember that who once was dead is now alive.  Alleluia, Christ Is Risen!

Communion will be celebrated during the Easter worship service.  If you would like to have communion, please have bread and wine or juice available.