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Listen and Participate in our Worship Service

While we are being responsible and doing our part to control the spread of COVID-19, we are still a church. Worship can take different forms. Please join your fellow members and click the following link for our Good Friday worship.

We begin our liturgy as we ended the Maundy Thursday Liturgy, in silence.

What was begun then continues this day as we journey with our Savior from the Last Supper, the stripping and humiliation, to the cross and tomb. Good Friday is the second day of the Triduum, the “Three Sacred Days” of Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and Holy Saturday with its Vigil of Easter.

The Good Friday Liturgy is marked with austerity, silence and reflection. The chancel itself is bare from the Maundy Thursday stripping. There is no organ music except to accompany the hymns. Everything focuses on our adoration of the crucified Christ, reigning from the throne of the cross.

The opening portion of the liturgy includes no praise. It proceeds directly to the Prayer of the Day. It is a simplified version of our Sunday Liturgy. The chief acts are the reading of the Passion of St. John and the Bidding Prayer for the needs of our world.

The words of reproach are those of God directed to us, his people, who have crucified the Savior of the world by our sin. The Reproaches expand upon the words of the prophet Micah (6:3-5) and burn in our hearts. The liturgy does not end on this note of reproach, however. The closing versicles and prayer emphasize the triumph and redemption that comes through the cross.

All then depart in silence without benediction. Christ’s death is not God’s final word. We keep vigil for Christ’s resurrection.