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Dear Members and Friends,

How did you spend your Sunday? It was strange seeing the church parking lot empty this morning and awkward not being in church on a Sunday. Even when I’m on vacation, I’m in a church somewhere on a a Sunday.

So, I decided to still go over to the church and shoot a video for you. What you will see and hear are some of the essential parts of our liturgy that would have been in our worship service this morning. There is nothing fancy about the video. I used my old camera and tripod. However, the important elements are there. You will hear the Word proclaimed and are invited to respond as you would if you were sitting in the pew.

A big thank you to Pascale Swanson for using her technical know-how in editing the video into smaller segments and uploading them to YouTube.

I know that this is not the same as being together, but I hope and pray that this video provides some spiritual food during this time where we all feel like we’re wandering in an unknown wilderness.

You are all in my thoughts and prayers. Please do what you can to stay healthy.

Yours in Christ,
Pastor Rick