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Tom Herauf, Wendy Ball, Charles Little have been busy caring for our property and ensuring that it is not idle when not being used for worship services and learning experiences.

Property management went through two changes in 2017.   Lori Kennedy, our long-standing property manager resigned in early 2017.  This left a gap in transition and management of Property oversight and management. Properties by HER was hired for 9 months in 2017 to support transition.  However, permanent arrangements for property management are still pending and the property committee is managing these responsibilities until a replacement can be found.

We negotiated rental agreements for our fellowship hall with PlayBox Nursery and Bricks4Kidz.

Repairs and maintenance are a reality for an older building.  We hired College Pro Painters to paint the exterior windows of the church building.  The furnace at the parsonage required several repairs and may soon need replacement.  The wheelchair access door was fixed.  More repairs and maintenance are planned for 2018.

Upgrades and updates are also a reality for an older building.  In March the church hall kitchen was upgraded as a capital project and the improved facilities have provided a new and improved look for the use of our hall facilities and tenants.  Charles Little devoted countless hours using his many skills to make arrangements and do renovation work.

We were pleased that twelve members arrived, rakes in hand, to attend to the fall cleanup.  Not all tasks can be done by volunteers, and a new snow removal contract was awarded to The Grounds Crew for this winter.