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The need for a helping hand is even greater during the COVID 19 crisis. The guests that usually come in for a warm meal once or twice a week are still coming in, and more people are needing the service than ever before.

The process for serving meals has changed, in order to protect the volunteers, the staff at Kerr Street, and the guests. Meals are prepared in advance, bagged and labelled, and distributed to the clients to take home.

We have a regularly scheduled meal set up for May 4, and have volunteered to add one more meal on April 23. We are getting by with fewer volunteers as food is prepared in advance, and we are just packaging them up for our guests to take home and enjoy.

While the funding for this important Outreach initiative has been very generous in the past, we are now in need of replenishment. Each meal costs approximately $300 (for about 70 people). Any donations to help in this time of need would be greatly appreciated.

The group shown above – Pastor Rick, Julie Eldridge, Erin Redshaw, and Wendy Ball – prepared the meal on March 16.