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We will gather for worship regularly in accordance with the traditions of the Lutheran Church, develop worship leaders, and ensure that worship has a place in other functions of the congregation.


What started as a summer program has been such a success that our mid-week “summer” supper social has become a regular program.

Every Wednesday at 5 PM a growing group of Grace members and people from our community gather at the church for a hearty meal and great conversation. Diners are welcomed at the church and sit at a communal table where the meal is served family style.

The meals are provided by our Supper Team and include a main course, a salad or a side dish, and is followed by a home baked dessert. We have dined on a variety of dishes from roast chicken, ham, stews, pulled pork, and have included a Mexican themed meal as well.

At 6 pm, the sound of soft instrumental music indicates that the evening is transitioning into the Prayer Service. Since the meal clean up is managed by the Supper Team, everyone leaves the table to settle into the worship space. Our Pastor leads the ten-minute informal prayer service which includes a Bible reading, a short reflection, prayers, and it concludes with soft instrumental music for individual reflection and prayer.

Grace owes special thanks to Luanne Workman and Ilse Phoenix for organizing these dinners and preparing the food.