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Most members regularly encounter the pastor on Sundays in worship. My one friend has joked for years that “I have a pretty good gig by only having to work one day a week for an hour.”  (He’s an airline pilot, so I joke back that he has a pretty good gig by only having to work two weeks a month.)  It would be nice if all worship leaders could just roll out of bed a couple of hours before the worship service and have everything fall into place.

A good portion of my energy and time is spent each week preparing for and leading worship. I spend a good portion of a couple of days each week preparing a sermon. After Alison left after Easter, there was a void that needed to be filled. Some of the planning that she did fell to me, such as selecting hymns and worship settings.

I also spend time each week going though draft worship bulletins so that what we will do in worship is fitting and reverent. The printing of the worship bulletin is the final step in the planning, ensuring that all worship elements are appropriate and fit together.

Worship is one place where we encounter God, or better stated where God encounters us. As we sing the hymns, participate in the liturgy, listen to the readings and sermon, our faith is strengthened so that we can face life’s challenges and blessing knowing that God is with us.