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Grace, like all churches, is a combination of sacred, secular, and social.

Your Council hired Stacey Schloo as your Parish Musician.

Through the work of Ray Henrickson, your Council reviewed insurance coverage for our property and approved increases and is currently reviewing, again with Ray’s research, coverage for sexual abuse and harassment.

You have read about the work of the Property Team of Wendy Ball, Dwight Gutzman, Tom Herauf, Charles Little, Darryl Workman.  Council supported their work by approving funding and contracts for numerous projects.

With the assistance of the Property Team, especially Darryl Workman, your Council approved the rental of our building to PlayBox Nursery and Bricks4Kidz.

Communication is important.  Your Council began providing monthly council updates after each meeting.  With guidance from Ann Bowman, we now have a concise document outlining our approach to communications with members and potential members.  Ann is chairing a steering committee of Dean Oswald, Elaine Schneider, and Julia Workman to make our website more effective.  You have read about the work of this steering committee.

Our Constitution is both a legal document and a guide to operating as a church.  Your Council reviewed the model Constitution developed by the Synod with the assistance of Ron Bowman.  That Constitution, with some modifications to reflect Grace, will be presented for your approval at the annual general meeting.