By Michelle Bassford

The end of February brought on my one-year anniversary as Parish Administrator here at Grace and what a year it’s been. I’ve learned more than just day-to-day responsibilities but more-so about Lutheranism as a religion. How it differs slightly from Catholicism or Anglicanism. For example, the many ways to receive and/or the official transferring of members. The different bulletin ‘settings’ is something new to me. And, of course, how it all began with Martin Luther nailing his theses to the door of Castle Church, Wittenberg. It was fascinating to be a part of last year’s 500 Years of Reformation.

I replaced Lori Kennedy after 18 years of service at Grace, but I must admit she was on my speed dial for months after I began. I am so grateful for her patience and assistance in getting me settled. Another dear soul who is/was always there for me when I need(ed) her is Ardie Archer. As a long time member of Grace, she knows the in’s and out’s like no other. She has helped me stick labels and stamp envelopes in the event of a mass mailing. She has been a shoulder to cry on when my frustration level got the best of me. Ardie is an angel from heaven. Thank you Ardie.

I enrolled in an Online Continuing Education Course at Sheridan College this past fall. It was an Advanced MS Word program and I learned all about the helpful, not regularly used, bells and whistles that Microsoft Word provides. I studied during work hours and that was, at times, difficult due to worship deadlines. The support people at Sheridan were very professional and helpful when I needed them. I finished with a 93% final mark and on time! I now feel more confident using MS Word in my daily routine.

There are many other people I’d like to thank for supporting me through the past year like Pastor Rick, Grant Swanson, Ray Henrickson and the wonderful ladies of PlayBox Nursery School. All of you have in one way or another, inspired me to do the best I can for Grace Lutheran Church.

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