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Lenten series

During the season of Lent, our focus turns more inward, but not in a negative way. We spend time reflecting on our personal relationship with God and the relationship that God desires to have with us. Last year, a group of about 10 people gathered one evening each week during Lent. We read a book titled, “book of faith Lenten Journey: 40 Days with the Lord’s Prayer”. We then reflected together about what we read and how it touches our lives. This was another opportunity for members to grow spiritually.


I had the privilege of confirming 5 young members of our congregation in May. Confirmation is a journey that begins with baptism. At Grace, we offer two years of instruction prior for those who wish to be confirmed. Dean Oswald began the confirmation instruction with these young members, and last year I joined Dean by participating in their instruction. During the Rite of Confirmation, each one affirmed his or her baptismal vows and acknowledged the covenant that God began with them years before. They have assumed the responsibility for their own faith.
In September, I began teaching confirmation on my own. We are using a new resource called “collaborate”. We have three students who are in their second year of confirmation instruction.

Weekly Bible Study

In Holy Baptism, each of us was claimed by Christ with the promise that he would never leave us. Our lives are filled with many experiences and sometimes life wears us out. Yes, we recharge our spiritual batteries on Sunday in Worship, but sometimes we need a boost during the week. This past year, we have continued the weekly Bible Study. We study the upcoming lectionary texts that will be read in worship in two weeks. This small group gathering is very informal. We usually begin by checking in with each other as to the goings-on in our lives. When we get to the actual study of the texts, it is usually a blend of personal experiences, thoughts, and some academic insights. In September, we changed our meeting date to Wednesdays.