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Our members have leadership roles in our services.  Over the year Dean Oswald, Tom Herauf, Lorna Haufschild, Wendy Ball, Leann Eberley, Stephanie Hartmann and Ilse Phoenix have been assisting ministers.  When Pastor has on vacation, Lorna Haufschild, Wendy Ball, and Ilse Phoenix have lead our services.

Ushers play an important role in helping visitors feel comfortable.  Ushers collect our offerings and assist members in going forward to receive communion.  Many thanks to Peter and Tim Mikkelsen, Abe and Jana Msuya, Barbara and Gunther Lutz, Dwight Gutzman, Ray Henrickson, Kurt Rudolph, Paul Verschueren, Grant Swanson, Pascale Swanson, and Lorna and Bill Haufschild.

As we embrace the benefits of modern technology, we project the entire service on our overhead screen.  Bill Haufschild, Darryl Workman, Julia Workman, Grant Swanson, Pascale Swanson, and Ray Henrickson operate the computer to make this possible.

Reading the scripture has a very important role in the worship service.  Stage fright is not allowed!  We can thank Brigitte Martin-Mendonca, Ardie Archer, Merrilyn Batt, Carol Henrickson, Carole Verschueren , Grant Swanson, Ilse Phoenix, Joyce Bauer, Judy Tamm, and Wolfgang Hartmann for reading the scriptures thoughtfully and with passion.

Finally, a social time after the service completes our experience.  Many thanks to Darryl Workman and Luanne Workman, Julia Workman, Ardie Archer, Carol Henrickson, Stefanie Hartmann, Lorna Haufschild, Leann Eberley, Eileen Oswald, Wendy Ball, Ilse Phoenix, Jill Gutzman, and Tracey Ehl-Harrison for providing coffee and treats.

Our worship space is special, and this year Kurt Rudolph and Merrilyn Batt contributed the Luther Rose art work to add to their many contributions to our art over the years.

The Altar Guild is a group of volunteer women who prepare the altar and chancel for worship each Sunday This is done behind the scenes, that is before and after the worship service. Our worship at Grace includes communion each Sunday with few exceptions. The table is set with the linens, the common cup and flask of wine and the wafers and gluten free wafers. Following the service, the table is cleared, and the cup and flask are washed, and unused wafers are put away. Linens are taken home and washed and returned to the cupboard.

As we celebrate different seasons and festivals during the church year, paraments are changed on the altar, pulpit and lectern. Our current volunteers in this service are Ardie Archer, Wendy Ball, Julie Eldridge, Bernice Gjertsen, Christine Keil, Barbara Lutz and Ursula Patterson.