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Spiritual Renewal, Rejuvenation and Awakening First time visiting?

Grace Lutheran Church Oakville

A community
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Spiritual Renewal, Rejuvenation and Awakening

Affirmation of Welcome

We are called to the ministry of the Gospel of Jesus Christ with all people in our world. Our world is often an unloving place. It can be a place of alienation and brokenness. Christ calls us to be compassionate, and to seek unity while celebrating our diversity in the context of God’s care for all creation.

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Food drive

Food drive

For many years Grace Lutheran has conducted food drives for Kerr Street Ministries, usually around Thanksgiving.

Socks and underwear

Socks and underwear

Safetynet Children and Youth Charities was founded in Oakville by Bill Shields in 2007. Grace became involved during our Reformation Challenge in 2017.

Congregational Study and Reflection

Congregational Study and Reflection

Led by Pastor Rick on Wednesday evenings from 6:30 pm a discussion group has been meeting to talk over issues arising out of two publications by Kelly Fryer with titles Reclaiming the “L” Word, and Reclaiming the “C” Word.

Pastor’s message

We are Christian Brothers and Sisters living and sharing our faith as Jesus taught us.

We are a family in Christ, building an inclusive, just, respectful and loving community, enabling action, hope, comfort and peace in God’s house, our homes, in this community and around the world.

I am blessed that God has called me to be a pastor and to be able to bring the comfort of the Gospel and prayer to everyone, wherever and whenever in need.

Pastor holding communion

We spend time reflecting on our personal relationship with God

Upcoming Events

Our focus is on people and building relationships

This is the Gospel message, that God loves us so much that he conquered death for us so that we might live forever.

Our faith is strengthened so that we can face life’s challenges

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Grace Lutheran Church Oakville
Bishop Michael Pryse

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