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For many years Grace Lutheran has conducted food drives for Kerr Street Ministries, usually around Thanksgiving. This year was no different. However, when the Thanksgiving donations were delivered, we learned that there was a great need. Perhaps we could help. We learned that cereals are one of the items which is in short supply and the shelves are emptied very quickly. So, Ardie Archer told the members of Grace that there was another opportunity to help. For the month of November, Grace members focused on a drive for nutritious low sugar cereals and again our members gave generously to this need.

Kerr Street Mission is a faith-based organization that provides services to children, youth, families and people in distress believing that “faith in Jesus Christ, and the love and compassion we have received from Him motivates us to have love and compassion for others”.

To learn more go to their website at www.kerrstreet.com.

Many thanks to Ardie Archer for organizing both the socks and underwear drive and the food drive.

“We learned that there was a great need. Perhaps we could help.