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Hospital Visitation

There are ups and downs in life. This past year I have made many hospital visits to members and others. We are thankful and blessed that God has given us caring and knowledgeable people who work in healthcare. There are some things that medical care cannot address. I am blessed that God has called me to be a pastor and to be able to bring the comfort of the Gospel and prayer to everyone, wherever and whenever in need.

Bereavement and Funerals

Everyone’s journey through life will come to an end. No one knows when or under what circumstances this will happen. Sometimes it happens suddenly, while other times it was expected. I have walked with a few families, this past year, as they began their grieving processes with the loss of a loved one. I have sat with families as they shared stories and have also sat in silence when the pain was too deep for words. The death we experience is the gate to eternal life. Our loved ones have attained eternal life with God the Father and Jesus Christ, and one day we will join them around the heavenly banquet table. This is the Gospel message, that God loves us so much that he conquered death for us so that we might live forever.