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Baptisms and Baptismal Counseling

Baptisms are a joyous experience for the congregation, family, and pastors. The baptismal event is something that we all have experienced. Some are more memorable than others, depending on the activity level of the one who is being baptized. Last year, I had one adult baptism. In August, I had the privilege of baptizing a baby/toddler. This was a truly memorable baptism because of his reaction to the water in the font. He did not cry like many children do, he was happy and splashed the water all over the baptismal font the moment he was brought close to it. Baptism is a happy time, it is a physical sign of God’s love for us when we are claimed by Jesus.

We never want to just baptize children, and not stay connected with the parents and the children. That is why I re-established a Cradle Roll at Grace. Each month, from the moment a child is baptized, they are on a special list and mailed monthly activities that their parents can do with them to start growing their faith. The monthly packets that they are mailed are called “Splash!”. It is my hope that by the time they reach Sunday school age, they will have a strong foundation upon which to further strengthen their faith.

Men’s Breakfast Group

I put the call out last year to form a men’s breakfast group. If the women can meet once a month, why not the guys? The group started out strong when we first began meeting at Cora’s. We had to change our meeting location because Cora’s closed their restaurant in Oakville. We have been meeting at Eggsmart. This is an enjoyable time (even for 8 am on a Saturday morning). We talk about all kinds of things. We are not just guys going out for breakfast. Our brotherhood in the Gospel is what connects us.