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Some of Grace’s members are becoming older and we have begun thinking about what we should do to support those who have supported Grace for so many years. There are many issues as we age – physical and mental health and wellness, safety, financial, legal, social activities and relationships, emotional, spiritual, and vocational. Was there something Grace could do?

An opportunity arose though a contact of Christina Herauf that was too good to pass up. We, at Grace, had the benefit of learning about Smart Aging, Planning for the Future and Elder Care. We invited the Silver Sherpa to speak via a Lunch and Learn to our members and their
friends and family on the many of the issues of ageing. This workshop was well received, as we heard about possible scenarios that might challenge our elderly parents or us. We were made aware of possible solutions and support systems that are in place either in the public or
private sectors.

Real life examples were provided. One example was the consequence of a fall and breaking bones. How to make good power of attorney arrangements for personal care or financial matters was another.

Grace has continued this focus on elderly members by asking members whether they need a ride to attend worship or events at Grace. Our members are spread from Burlington to Mississauga to Milton and location is a big consideration.

Our “Sleep-in” Sundays are designed to support members who may need more time to attend the 10:00 AM services.

Additionally, Grace is consulting on how best to celebrate the memory of members who have died.

Thank you to Christina Herauf for organizing the event with Silver Sherpa.

We will participate as members of a caring community; to serve as Christians in all the institutions and structures of the society of which we are a part; and meet human needs and alleviate suffering. In these
efforts we will work with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada, other Christian churches and other groups in society.

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